What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is an entity that integrates Getty Images content into the search results on the offered product or service.

How do I use Connect API as an Affiliate?

As an affiliate, you provide Getty Images and iStock content within the context of the product or service you offer to your customers. In your product or service, you serve up search results that contain Getty Images content. When a customer selects content managed by Getty Images, you simply link to our site. We capture that reference, and you are paid for each one!


The Next Company created an online service to inspire bloggers, photographers, and journalists to write their next story. As part of the new service, The Next Company wants to harness Getty Images editorial photography to create a visual trend report to create a fun way for their users to find out the latest news to use in their next piece. Their monetization strategy is to become an affiliate of Getty Images content by passing the transaction to Getty Images.

Everyone benefits:

  • The end user sees timely and relevant photos of trending stories on Twitter to use as inspiration for their next piece.
  • The Next Company monetizes their service by referring their end user to Getty Images to complete the transaction.
  • Getty Images gains exposure and potentially a license agreement for the content delivered.

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